Man Of Steel Release Day Earnings: $50 Million On Friday

Man Of Steel Release Day Earnings: $50 Million On Friday

Hello everyone! First and foremost did anyone go see the new Superman movie? I know I did and trust me, it was great. Go watch it if you haven’t!  Anyway, back to the news report…

Zack Synder’s Man of Steel proved to be quite popular at the box office on Friday.

Despite getting a critical lashing from reviewers, the cinematic reboot of the legendary comic book superhero is off to a strong start on opening day.

According to sources, Amy Adam‘s Man of Steel earned around $50 million at the box office in just one day of release. This reportedly included the $21 million the flick generated from midnight screenings and Walmart’s exclusive 7 pm screenings.

Although analysts believed the flick could make around $90 million, it would appear this figure has been upgraded a bit. Industry insiders now predict Man of Steel could pull in $125 million this weekend. Warner Bros. expectations were a bit lower; the studio predicted the film would earn about $80 million.

News that Man of Steel is soaring at the box office is certainly good news for the executives at Warner Bros. A lot is currently riding on Snyder’s reboot, particularly the entire Justice League franchise. If Superman failed to connect with audiences, then the studio could scrap plans for the proposed superhero epic.


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